The Virginia Senate has approved new legislation to reduce penalties for assaulting police officers. 

If it goes through, assaulting a police officer could result in only a misdemeanor. 

The bill will be moving on to the Virginia House where the democrats have a majority and then it goes to democratic Governor Ralph Northam and we all know they’ll be no veto coming from him.

The war on the police continues with the democrats and there is no end in sight. Some cities and states are more brazen than others in their quest to dismantle law and order in our country.

A criminal who assaults a police officer is definitely a special kind of criminal. 

Worse than your average criminal.

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But assaulting police has been acceptable for the last few months because of the anti-police mantra coming from the democrats and their leftist media friends telling us that all police are bad. 

That has led to police officers being assaulted every night in Portland. It’s just commonplace now and there is no outrage about it.

If a criminal is willing to assault someone in law enforcement, we are all sitting ducks. 

In the end, it means that we are on our own and that is why gun sales are going through the roof.

The criminals are currently emboldened and believe they are entitled to their criminality because they know that the democrats have their backs in their lawlessness. They rarely get arrested and even when they do, they get released right away and aren’t fully charged with all of the crimes that they have committed. 

Republican Virginia Senator John Cosgrove Jr. was incredulous with the Virginia Senate vote. He said, “What in the world are we doing? Have you seen the attacks on police officers?”

A Martin County Sheriff out of Florida, William Snyder was outraged and took to social media to defend his fellow law enforcement officers. He said, “I can be quiet no longer! Shame on the Virginia Senate for passing a bill allowing assaulting a police officer to be a misdemeanor. If society does not protect her protectors, who will protect society? This national madness is taking our country to the precipice.”

He explained why he decided to defend fellow police officers by saying, “”It was time that somebody in our industry stood up for the men and women that get up every day, strap on a badge and a gun and go out there and protect the public. If legislative bodies around this country cannot defend those who are defending them, they will find themselves on an island someday doing their own self-defense.”