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The Lie That Failed in the Mideast

The president should get a tremendous amount of credit for putting together the recent Israeli peace deals with the U.A.E. and Bahrain, not to mention the Kosovo agreement.

And he will from history and sane analysts. But most national security pundits and armchair Metternichs will froth with anti-Trump fury and come up with absurd dodges on the Trump factor in these peace treaties. However, let’s remember who we’re talking about. The very same people who tell us now Trump deserves little or no credit for this have been telling us for forty years that no Mideast peace deal could be none without the approval of the Palestinians. Guess what? They Palestinians weren’t invited to this party and nobody noticed. The whole shtick, that the Palestinians were essential to any Mideast peace deal, was a lie from the gitgo.

It’s completely their fault. Regardless of their claims from 1948, which are generally false anyway, since then they have done all in their power to soil their own nest. Mass murder, Olympic murder, the murder of children, unbelievable corruption, comically bad military prowess, and perhaps the most evil and thuggish terrorist organizations ever known to man did not get them anything they ever wanted. Today, they are divided up between the butchers of Hamas and the sad pathetic kleptocrats of the West Bank P.A. who rely on Israel for security and economic sustenance, but refuse to admit it out of some wife beater-wearing screaming old hairy ethnic guy wounded pride. Though, they did get a raw deal from the Americans.

The Carter, Clinton, and Obama administrations treated the Palestinian leaders like humans, not as the political flotsam and jetsam that they are. Hell, Obama was their close pal and Israeli-hating ideological soulmate. Carter, who later became their shill, tried to deal with them and their pals in Tehran gave little Jimmy a lesson that turned the last year of his administration into a clown show.

Clinton, who had a general leftist sympathy for them, quickly learned how treacherous they were and turned his attentions to other topics. As for Republicans, Reagan was a firm friend to Israel though the Bushes less so. And as anyone can figure out, Trump is the most pro-Israel American president in history.

He has been able to achieve so much because he stopped listening to Foggy Bottom bureaucrats, Euros, and Democrats. The president was able to easily ascertain who were the good guys and the bad guys in the neighborhood and he acted accordingly. Which is why peace is breaking out all over and the Palestinians are outside looking in.

Perhaps this will give them a hint. Maybe the idiots in the P.A. will figure out they can get richer at real peace than at constant fake war. As for Hamas? Put them to the sword and let God sort them out.