On the eve of what will almost certainly be the nastiest Supreme Court confirmation fight in American history, a spokesman for Joe Biden tells me the former Vice President wants a national gun registry.

That’s right. When millions of Americans are concerned that liberal Democrats are on the path to take their guns away, Biden spokesman Guy Smith says they want to make sure anyone who owns a gun is on the list.

Gun registries are like the third rail for gun owners. Only 6 states keep a record of gun owners and millions believe if the government had a list of who owned firearms, sooner or later they would be coming to confiscate them.

Here’s the conversation with Guy Smith and his comments that Joe Biden wants to keep all gun owning Americans under the watchful eye of Big Brother. After all it’s for your protection and of course it’s for the kids.

(start at 18:00 mark for comments related to gun registry)

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The seat left vacant by the death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg will pivot on the most basic battles in the culture wars. Guns will be very close to the top of the list and with Joe Biden refusing to release a list of who he believes should be on the court; gun owners are voters that will soundly reject the notion of trusting him with a nomination.

With 2020 setting all-time records for new gun sales and upwards of half of those purchases coming from first time gun buyers- that could be enough to swing the election red.

Really red.