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Michigan Governor’s Mask Mandates for Sports Show That She’s a Total Idiot

Tyrannical and birdbrained democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is currently on her 180th executive order since her “state of emergency” was declared for the COVID-19 crisis. 

From the beginning, she has ignored science and made asinine and arbitrary decisions including banning people from riding in golf carts and banning stores from selling seeds [1] and other gardening supplies. She actually ordered large stores to cordon off their garden centers and plant nurseries back in the spring. 

Why? Your guess is as good as mine. She has never given us any actual “science” she is using for any of her decisions. That’s because she has none.

Whitmer likes to start off her executive orders with words like, “I find if reasonable and necessary to…” but offers no evidence to back up that what she’s doing is reasonable or necessary.

Basically, Whitmer is a tyrant and she has decided that it’s up to her to decide what kind of freedoms we can have while we live under her dictatorship in Michigan. She had said to us in the past, “If you’re not buying food or medicine or other essential items, you should not be going to the store.”

In Michigan, in order to know what you’re allowed to do every day, you must keep up with all of her executive orders on the state’s website.

Because Queen Whitmer thinks she has complete control over our lives, she has had a plethora of lawsuits against her for her unconstitutional acts that are destroying Michigan businesses and citizens rights. There is also a petition through Unlock Michigan [2] that could result in the loss of her tyrannical powers and make her work with the legislature on any future dictates she wants to make.

Whittier’s latest insane executive order requiring athletes to wear masks during sports is a real doozy. Her first order was so ridiculous that she had to re-do the order with more clarification but it’s no better than the first one.

Her latest executive order requires all organized sport athletes competing in football, soccer and volleyball, and others who can’t maintain six feet of social distancing, to wear masks while playing. 

However, pro-sports athletes are exempted from this. 

Hm… I guess pro sports athletes don’t get the virus then? I assume that she has science to back this up? So maybe pro-sports athletes are kind of like her rioting friends who are protesting racial injustice. They’re good to go on not wearing masks because of the science, of course.

Clear as mud, as are most of her rulings, she says that where players can’t maintain six feet of social distancing, face coverings must be worn during training, practice and competition except for “occasional and fleeting moments [3]” such as in tennis, golf, cross country, baseball or softball. Or when swimming.

Well, gee, Queen Whitmer. That’s so kind of you to not make swimmers wear masks.

But let me lend you a little common sense because you have none…

Sports, by it’s very nature, is spontaneous and athletes follow where the ball goes. This results in sweat and crashing into other players. Athletes (except for golfers) will NOT be able to maintain the six-foot social distancing rule on most occasions and when you sweat into a mask, during play or on the sidelines, the mask becomes wet and it is worthless. 

The mask also becomes worthless in the rain and snow. And how exactly are you supposed to breathe while you are wearing a wet mask?

Masks during sports are kind of like you, Governor – worthless.

And you can’t even seem to stick with your own executive orders in an interview. When asked about the mask mandate on ABC’s 13 on your Side, Whitmer said, “if athletes can tolerate the masks, we hope that they will wear them.”

That makes it sound voluntary to me.

So her comment made me look into her orders more carefully. Executive Order 180 concerning wearing masks during sports has the phrase “Notwithstanding sections 2(b) and 2(d) of the Masks order…”

Executive Order 153 [4] 2(b) allows EVERYONE in any situation to not have to wear a mask if you “cannot medically tolerate a face covering.”

So after all of Whitmer’s B.S. mask orders for sporting events and freaking everyone out, it comes down to the fact that if a sports athlete is unable to tolerate the wearing of the mask during a sporting event, he or she does not have to wear one.

Hopefully, the coaches will figure that out and not let Whitmer dictate rules that will affect the health and safety of their players.