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Democrats are On a Path to Cancel America

There is no denying anymore that the democrats want America cancelled and remade in their crazy, communist and oppressive idea of what they think it should be. Most of these uneducated people have not learned about the history of our country, know anything about its founding, and are clueless about the “rules” written in the constitution or know what our rights are – or care.

They want free college, they want unlimited unemployment, they want everyone to ride horses to work and damn anyone who gets in their way. 

Obama waned everyone that the democrats want “fundamental transformation” of our country and we should have taken him at his word.

Over the years, the democrats have been using every legal means they can to accomplish their task of destroying America – lawsuits, protests, flooding non-profits and NGOs with money, ballot initiatives, putting anti-American leftists in political positions and more. Lately, they’ve added election fraud, assaulting police, arson and murder to their toolbox.

You might think, while watching their crazy behavior, that they have four main targets: police, white people, Trump and Trump supporters. And mostly, that is true. 

But their real target is America. 

They detest everything America stands for – freedom, opportunity, law and order, and equality. No, they DON”T like equality at all because that doesn’t get them the free stuff that they want. They have never wanted equality of opportunity. They want equality of outcomes.

The American flag, more than anything, totally sets them off, which became demonstratively apparent back in the early days of the Colin Kaepernick kneeling PR stunt. 

The flag stands for American greatness and the sacrifices of our American veterans. Totally NOT something democrats stand for anymore. So they don’t stand anymore.

Pushing back against the American flag is one of their signals to show everyone that they don’t “stand” for America. Once again, if we pay attention, their goals are blatantly obvious in the revolution they are involved in.

Just in the past week alone, the democrats have been showing their true colors as to how they feel about America and those colors aren’t red, white and blue.

Air Force Veteran, Gary Dean, had been working at a Food Lion in North Carolina and was wearing an American flag face covering for months. All of a sudden, the management told him it was not allowed. Yes, according to the woke people on the left, we can’t display the stars and stripes [1] in America anymore. Off it goes.

But not so fast.

Dean doesn’t play by those rules. A veteran himself with a father who was a World War II hero and having a best friend who was killed in Vietnam, he was not willing to adhere to the Food Lion’s communist dictates. He quit.

He told TV station WCTI in a local interview, “I love everything about that flag. So yeah, that is my priority.”  

Even more disgusting is what happened to September 11th flag memorials in New Jersey. There is a group of veterans who have displayed flags for almost 20 years in remembrance of what happened on 9/11. The flags have been on bridges and all of a sudden the New Jersey Department of Transportation said they were a distraction to drivers and they need to be removed [2].

I think we all know who the flags are a distraction to – democrats who hate our country and the police.

In response to the Department of Transportation telling the veterans that the flags would be taken down, they had a protest over the weekend to bring awareness to the situation.

One of the veterans, Carmine Pannullo, was a first responder on September 11th and says that flying the flags is the “least we can do” for the men and women who lost their lives that day.

When asked why this is happening now, in an interview on Fox News, Mark Tolley, said the flags are absolutely not a distraction and there hasn’t been an issue for 20 years. He said it’s especially a shame that they’re doing this now right before September 11th. He believes that there’s an anti-police group that wants to defund the police who made complaints about the flags [3]and that the Turnpike Authority listened to them.

Tilley said, “This is America. We should be able to display American flags.”

But not in Joe Biden’s America.

Meanwhile, support for the terrorist group. Black Lives Matter, can be found everywhere, on the sports fields, during television programming, on buildings and sidewalks and now American Airlines has approved their staff to wear BLM pins [4]. I wonder if the employees will be allowed to wear flag pins???

The hateful democrats are destroying our country and want to remove any symbols of its founding and greatness and replace them with symbols of oppression and violence.

It’s happening every day right before our eyes.