In an extraordinary rebuke from a member of her own party, Senator Dick Durbin, D-IL, Monday denounced Hillary Clinton for advising Joe Biden to “not concede under any circumstances.” During an interview Sunday morning, he called Clinton’s counsel “flat out wrong.”

This is refreshing to hear from a Democrat with a national standing. Durbin is also known to be very close to the Obamas. Since there is no love lost between the Clintons and Obamas, Durbin may have received his orders from the former president or his spouse. Regardless, this statement by Durbin also comes at a time when some Democrats are not only calling for Biden not to concede, even in the face of an obvious Trump victory, but are also calling for a separate inauguration for Biden no matter what the election outcome. They have even reportedly asked a liberal Supreme Court justice, probably Sotomayor, to administer the oath to Biden though he may have lost the election. This is the current state of national affairs.

Clinton made those anti-democratic comments in August and specifically said Biden should avoid conceding because the election will drag out due to the increase in mail-in voting. Her mail-in rationale hides her real motive, grabbing power for the Democrats at all costs.

And speaking of mail-in voting, this is the kind of thing that is already happening.

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Durbin compared Clinton’s election concession advice to what’s happening in Belarus. He argues a refusal to acknowledge a Biden defeat would delegitimize American democracy.

“If we are going to maintain a democracy, a peaceful transition through an election is the only way to do it. Just look at the streets of Belarus today if you want to see the alternative, we don’t need that in America.”

Durbin is quite right and he puts the nation and our democratic system above his party and its reptilian 2016 nominee. If Biden were not to concede and was inaugurated regardless of election outcome, then a possible national divorce, with the West Coast seceding from the Union and (amused smirk) under a Biden administration, may come to pass. The national divorce is an outcome this writer has suggested for two years. The extreme Left side of the political barricades has nothing in common with America anymore. The very basic ties have been torn asunder. Time to split up.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 29, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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