- Steve Gruber - https://www.stevegruber.com -

America Has Slipped Down A Rabbit Hole

When we look at the country today it’s as if we’re in the middle of bad Dada performance art, perhaps put on by the drama department of one of our lesser liberal arts colleges.

In at least four areas America no longer deals with reality. The national discussion abjures facts and depends on, much like Alice in the Lewis Carroll story, fantasy and surreal delusion to populate its intellectual world. Yes, this is generally confined to the political left, the media, academia, and pop culture. But they run so much of the American discussion it seems at times the entire nation is lost in a maze of Bolshevik intellectual mirage and political miasma.

We have presidential polling data that, not having learned anything from their 2016 debacle, continues to deliver absurd numbers.

We have a situation in Louisville where a completely righteous police action has been turned on its head to please a baying mob.

We have an obviously mentally enfeebled Democrat presidential nominee running for a position he can’t possibly hope to properly manage or understand.

And we have a presidential election planned that will hinge on the delivery of ballots by people who have every motivation in the world to lie, cheat, and steal their way into office.

In any normal country at any normal time these things would be seen for the travesties that they are and dismissed out of hand. But down the rabbit hole and through the leftist looking glass they appear normal, even proper. But reality has a funny way of reasserting itself even in the oddest times.

So, to get a relatively accurate picture of the actual average presidential polling numbers, add 4-6 points to the Trump/GOP count. Sadly, given most pollsters were off 10-15 points (some up to 30 points) in 2016 we can’t give Trump and the Republicans a nice 10 and break out the non-domestic champagne. But it’s close race with a distinct Trump advantage. How did I get to that number? I just took the current numbers from pollsters who were absurdly wrong in 2016, sliced their mistaken 2016 margin in half, and then added it to the GOP tally. Thus, if they called 2016 wrong by 10 points I gave the GOP 5. And that’s being kind to the said pollsters.

In Louisville most legal experts say they’ll never get a wanton endangerment conviction for Hankison. That’s why they didn’t even charge the other two officers involved.

Biden will fold like a cheap card table during the debates and behind the privacy of a secret ballot most Americans will admit to themselves they don’t want a mental cripple like Joe with his trembling fingers on the button.

The hard part will be those ballots. Postal union members and Democrat operatives are likely already planning their November operations to lose and change ballots, as they did in Orange County, California in 2018. Even now, Thursday night, word comes of military ballots discarded in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. This is just the beginning.

But take heart, Republican lawyers are ready for the hijinks. What this very well could mean is weeks or months of paralysis as numerous election related lawsuits wind their way up to the Supreme Court. However, who will have a rock solid majority on that court? Uh huh…

So the we may crawl out of the rabbit hole eventually. But it will be a hard slog, as Democrats seek to take their surreal, twisted, and deranged reality and impose it on the rest of America. Don’t let them.