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A Harbinger Across the Pond

One of the few people who realized, both tactically and strategically, what was going on politically in 2016 was Bill Clinton. He left much to be desired as a president. But as a pure political analyst he is good, very good.

More than once he tried to tell his wife’s campaign that there was a rising tide of anti-elitist populism that had swamped the Establishment in Brexit and was headed this way in the name of Donald Trump. However, he was dismissed by the data driven adolescents who ran his wife’s effort as an irrelevant dinosaur who didn’t understand modern political campaigns. When the smoke cleared, he was right and they were losers in more ways than one. They remain losers.

The tide that brought Brexit to the United Kingdom is about to crest at the end of the year, the month after the American president race. Britain is leaving the European Union, as Brexit commanded in June of 2016. But it could leave with a deal with the Eurocrats, or no deal. Some think no deal is preferable.

The European Union’s attitude to this geopolitical divorce has been that of a spouse thrown out of a house for thievery and hopeless narcissism, but who wants to still decide many facets of their former spouse’s life. Boris Johnson, UK Prime Minister, has tried to be patient with the Eurocrats, though their demands have been ridiculous and one-sided. If the European Union doesn’t get religion soon a no deal Brexit could happen on the last day of this year. It would serve the Euros right.

What does it mean for us here in her former colonies? It could mean the wave is cresting again to bring down an elitist party and its pop culture parasites on this side of the Atlantic.

A lot of the same type of political opponents that Johnson has to still deal with in the UK are found here in abundance. Leftist entertainers, sports stars, academia, and the media plague us as they plague a Britain trying get out of the European Union and restore British sovereignty.

Here, the victory of the Left would be a Biden win. In the UK the conservatives have the whip hand. The only thing still at question is deal or no deal. This time however, as opposed to 2016, we go first. The wave of an enlightened nationalism that a Trump win would herald would send shock waves around the world, again. It could convince the Eurocrats to get the best deal they can and stop acting like petulant children.

Either way Britain is Britain again in 2021. With a pending massive trade deal with the U.S. and the restored power to set its own laws and make its way in the world, the bright promise of an unfettered Britain is a reality. Rule Britannia. Rule America.