There is a revolution going on with the anti-police young democratic militia of AntifaBLM and other assorted anarchists and yet somehow the tone deaf Joe Biden picked “top cop” Senator Kamala Harris to be his VP choice. 

Maybe Hidin’ Biden thinks he doesn’t need his leftist base of the Bernie Bros. and their revolutionary friends to vote for him. Maybe he’s sooooooooo far ahead of Trump that he can lose the youth vote.

Since Harris was selected as his running mate, I’ve seen hints that the democrats are going to position her as tough on crime, although I haven’t heard any words out of her mouth denouncing the violence going on around the country so there’s that.

It’s a delicate game they are going to have to try to play to con their AntifaBLM base that they support them while also supporting law enforcement for their more moderate base. 

You can’t be both pro-police and anti-police at the same time and already some of the leftists are figuring that out.

Even though Harris is about as progressive a senator as you can get, it might not be enough for Biden’s young rioting friends. They are none too happy right now with the Kamala pick no matter what the leftist drive-by media is trying to tell everyone, as they try to position Harris as some wonderful pick for the party.

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Past DNC Chairwoman and current Fox News contributor Donna Brazille actually said yesterday that the democrats are “united.” 

LOL. That’s a good one. If it’s true, are they united in moderation (which will drive away the radicals) or are they united in being violent communist anarchists? Inquiring minds want to know.

Jason Johnson, a professor of journalism and politics at Morgan State University, appeared on MSNBC the other day talking about young people being concerned about Harris’ criminal justice record attorney based on texts he’s already received from his students.

He pulled out his phone and read a few on air including one student who said about Harris, “She’s a cop. Not sure if she’s gonna flip on us when she gets into office.” 

Briahna Joy Gray, a former national press secretary for Bernie Sanders with more than 294K followers on Twitter said, “We are in the midst of the largest protest movement in American history, the subject of which is excessive policing, and the democratic party chose a ‘top cop’ and the author of the Joe Biden crime bill to save us from Trump. The contempt for the base is, wow.” 

Jordan Chariton, from the progressive media company Status Coup, agreed with Gray’s sentiment. He tweeted that Biden gave the middle finger to the progressives, Black Lives Matter protesters and black voters under the age of 50.

The “little people” aren’t happy either. Social justice champion Micah Uetrict tweeted, “The largest uprising of any kind in American history just took place against exactly the kind of politics Kamala Harris has instituted throughout her political career – and that uprising made zero impact on Biden’s decision making for his VP pick. Pretty amazing.”

Oops. That doesn’t sound good. 

Red alert, Joe.