Do the crazy democrat mayors and governors actually think people (even democrats) are going to stick around when you shut down their businesses and allow unfettered crime? 

Nope. Americans are getting out of Dodge. 

In record numbers. An estimated quarter million of New York residents are predicted to leave for good. 16,000 have already headed to Connecticut. Others are going to New England and Florida.

When you have incompetent democrat politicians imposing draconian COVID-19 shutdown orders and rules which have done nothing to do with stopping the spread of the virus and then you add lawlessness on top of that, there is no reason why you shouldn’t hit the pavement and find somewhere to live that still resembles America.

People need their freedom. They need to live their lives and have the opportunity to support their families and keep them safe.

Democrat run cities are dying and people are leaving.

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In New York City, streets, businesses and subways are empty. Hotels and restaurants are closed. 

National chains in Manhattan are closing for good, including J.C. Penney, Le Pain Quotidian (27 stores), Kate Spade, and Subway (a few dozen). 

Victoria’s Secret and The Gap are no longer paying their monthly rent to Rockefeller Center.

Others are on the edge and could leave soon including Shake Shack and Neiman Marcus, who just filed for bankruptcy.

“There’s no reason to do business in New York,” the chief executive of Ark Restaurants said. He has only reopened two of his five restaurants. However, his restaurants in Florida are doing great.

And what do you get for staying in Manhattan? High taxes and fees, high rent, virus outbreaks, crime, drugs in the street, lack of police, closed stores everywhere, lack of customers and tourists, and the incompetent Mayor Bill de Blasio and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

There are about 186,000 small businesses in NYC who could fail if this insanity continues. More than 1.2 million people have already lost their jobs in the city.

And there is no end in sight because many of the residents are insane and keep voting to put democrats back in charge over and over again no matter how bad things get. 

Some people have had enough though so businesses aren’t the only ones fleeing NYC. Residents are taking off as well. 

With the number of shootings going up 51% in NYC this year, releasing violent crimes with no bail and slashed police funding, who wants to hang around? Democrats have achieved what Osama Bin Laden couldn’t. The destruction of NYC. 

The exodus of the city is getting so bad that the governor pleaded for people to come back (for the privilege of paying their high taxes to the city) but that’s not gonna happen.

And now people are probably going to leave Chicago too.

If you’re working remotely, you don’t need to physically be in NYC – or any other democratic shithole city – and many aren’t. 

They’re staying in their vacation homes or have just left altogether. 

Some are showing up in other states like Colorado so that they can be safe and earn a living.

Aspen broker Tim Estin said, “Everything is going wild right now. People are wanting to get out of the density of the urban environment and they are wanting physical space and safety,” Estin said. “There’s is high uncertainty and insecurity and there is something of a sentiment like, ‘If the whole world crashes and this COVID gets worse and worse, I’d rather be in Aspen than New York City or Miami or Dallas or Houston.’”

They’re moving into suburban areas and small towns who offer a better way of life. 

They’re searching for America.