The mob group Black Lives Matter has to make plans for their future. 

The hurricane winds of woke change is propelling them onto the national stage because the majority of Americans don’t know that they are actually a marxist terrorist group, largely responsible, along with Antifa, for the rioting in the country, the arson, the assaults and more. 

The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is true enough and agreeable to most. But the organization that uses that phrase is despicable. They are against police, families and America in general and use violence and threats to achieve their goals.

Right now, they’re getting millions of “voluntary” money from businesses and celebrities who want to appear woke and don’t want the BLM to cancel them. 

So all of these woke folks will post on Facebook or Twitter about how they are donating to them to make the world a better place.

BLM is getting this pre-extortion money from capitalizing on the killing of George Floyd.

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But it can’t last forever and I’ve been waiting for them to continue their shakedown by demanding things from businesses through direct extortion to keep the cash flowing. 

I’ve been waiting for them to come up with some kind of labeling process for businesses to proclaim their support for BLM – which is actually how BLM figures out who DOESN”T support them so they can be targets.

They haven’t let me down.

It’s happening in Louisville, Kentucky.

BLM is going after restaurant owners in Louisville’s NuLu neighborhood. In a letter to the restaurant owners, the BLM mob is demanding 23% of their staff to be black; 23% of the inventory to be from black retailers (or they have to donate 1.5% of net sales to BLM); 24% representation of blacks on non-profit boards; diversity training by approved trainers; and a customized display in a visible location to increase awareness and show support for the reparations movement.

The BLM says that these businesses have destroyed low-income communities and that they “demand representation and reparations in the NuLu business district of Louisville for the gentrification that has taken place.”

This destruction, say the BLM mobsters, has happened at the hands of the white and heterosexual patriarchy since the nation was founded.

So yes, just as I expected, the BLM is going to start “tagging” people.

It’s pretty much a reverse-Nazi badge. You remember those, right? Where the Germans tagged the Jewish people for harassment and future destruction?

It’d be a little over-the-top for BLM to do that to white people or minorities who don’t support them so they are doing a supportive identification mark instead. The people and businesses who don’t put up their posters and yard signs and stickers are the ones they will target with their piracy and depravity.

In the Kentucky-based newspaper Courier-Journal, Fernando Martinez, owner of La Bodeguita de Mima, a Cuban cuisine restaurant, described the BLM’s demands as a Mafia-style shakedown with “Mafia tactics.”

In the letter sent out to the businesses, the “contract” has business owners acknowledging how they played a part in the harm done to Clarksdale’s original residents who never received any economic benefit for the business owners “occupation.”

And what happens if you don’t sign the contract? 


Social media harassment on every platform, bad reviews, bias reports sent to the Better Business Bureau, boycott, protests, sit-ins and more.

And we all know what the “more” is.

We’ve seen what BLM has been doing to businesses, people and towns all over the country when they don’t get their way.