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The Biden Administration Survival Kit

It may not happen, knock on wood or Joe Biden’s head, whichever is closer. But there is a possibility that in January we could be looking at a Biden/Harris administration for at least about 10 months. Then, well, all hail Queen Kamala.

However for at least the early part of 2021 Biden could be top dog (I’m thinking a very confused schnauzer) in DC. What does the rest of America outside of the District of Columbia, even those like me just outside of it, do to prepare for the impending chaos? This…

1) Move your investments from heavy on equities to more of an equal equities/bond split. You’ll want sturdy long term investments that can withstand the tumult until the GOP gets the House back in 2022. You don’t have investments? Then you may want to buy your weight in Rye, I suggest Whistle Pig, lock and load your new “replica” weapon and prepare to wait out the storm drunk yet well-armed.

Oh, they won’t take back the House then, you say? Read your history. Except 2002 because of 9-11, every president for the last almost thirty years loses the House in his first midterm. Clinton lost it to Gingrich in 1994. Obama loses it in 2010. Trump loses it to Pelosi in 2018. No reason, given our sad scenario, that Biden or Harris doesn’t lose the House in 2022. In fact, Harris would get so politically maimed her last two years would be a legislative afterthought. Think 1995, on steroids.

2) Buy a nice gun. Not just any run of the mill personal protection tool, but a wham bam certified Antifa clearer. There are lots to pick from and style is important. In this department you can’t go wrong with a German-hewed thunder stick in basic black.

3) Like in any natural disaster, if you incorrectly term democracy the natural state of government, you’ll need good communications equipment. Not just the usual hurricane standard battery run radio. I’m talking commo on an entirely different basis. You see with PC fascists in office and the Overton window at least temporarily in their favor, free speech will be clamped down on like a police rotweiler with a rioter’s leg. Facebook and Twitter will be federally encouraged to go after “hate crimes,” those being defined as anything the hard left doesn’t agree with. So social media, television, periodicals, and other forms of possible anti-left chatter will be limited. But, the PC Thought Police won’t physically come into your living room quite yet. They may not venture far from their newsroom or campus hives. Thus, person to person is back in. Make the Rotary Clubs, Lions Clubs, and Legion halls hotbeds of agitation and organization. There’s not much they can do about that, yet.

4) Don’t despair. The Democrats in power in our prognostication are cowards and bullies. Their bureaucratic minions may try to dispense edicts to Americans. But we have this funny historical habit of not listening to overweening government power mongers and settling the score at the ballot box or in more interesting ways, if it calls for it. And in that scenario, after a little hair mussing, all would be well very post haste.