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Should We Partition America?

In April of 2019 I wrote a piece for another publication. The article was called “Not a Civil War, a civil divorce.” In it I called for a breakup of America by peaceful means because some of the nation no longer shares basic values with the other parts of the nation. I said we should do this before violence erupted, specifically, on the West Coast. Comment sections and general response said I was an alarmist, a fantasist. They said that old glory should and would fly forever from sea to shining sea. Those who said that then, some of the very same people, are now saying what I said last year. Ah yes, a prophet in his own land and all that rot.

But the answer to the question in the title, given events in places like Portland and Seattle that I predicted last year, I think now is beyond question. Do you have much in common, I’m talking very fundamental values, with the thugs of Antifa or Black Lives Matter who are in the streets of Washington state and Oregon? If you’re reading this publication likely not. But after pontificating, many who propose this admittedly radical solution stop short. Wouldn’t it be nice, they seem to say-channeling Brian Wilson, and leave it at that. Well, not good enough. How do you pull off the thing? As always, history gives us an answer.

First, cast away your sentimental qualms. History has many examples of redrawn national and international boundaries. Ireland was once part of the United Kingdom, as was India, as were we. Poland has been a part of several nations and Sicily has been occupied by everybody. In many of our lifetimes Algeria was French and the Congo Portuguese. Closer to home West Virginia was once part of Virginia and Texas was once an independent nation. So no whining about territorial tradition. As in much else, in geopolitics the only constant is change.

The basic deal is this: Using the 1947 Indian partition as a guide, with hopefully less bloodshed, the three Pacific coast states separate from the other 47 and become the nation of Pacifica. Like we used to in the Canal Zone, we retain rights to our military bases there, this time into perpetuity. There is a six-month transition period for movement of people and transition of property. For the all the assembled socialists and riff raff in the now 47 United States, that should give them ample time to move to the new country and have a national government who consistently shares their basic values of Third World Marxism and authoritarian rule. Left behind, left wing enclaves like New York, DC, Chicago, etc will have to get with the program, as the left will likely not have national power for at least generations to come, or die on the vine from federal neglect if not hostility. Oh, and reparations? Not a problem, take Oregon. The new U.S. capitol? I’m thinking Tulsa.

The new coastal state will likely soon vote in a national government composed of race-hustling socialist despots. We will, shed of the House, Senate, and Electoral College numbers of the three left wing hives, have generally conservative national governments for some time. Then, we in the 47, perhaps with a Canadian province or two that may want to get in on the action, get out the popcorn and chortle as Pacifica becomes Venezuela-on-the Pacific in short order. Before Antifa, the Democrats, and Black Lives Matter grow stronger and thus engulfs what’s left of free America, this is an answer. The alternative could make the Battle of Antietam look like a summer picnic.

David Kamioner is a veteran of service with NATO forces, US Army Intelligence, and the First Infantry Division, David Kamioner is a graduate of the University of Maryland’s European Division and spent over twenty years as a political consultant, college instructor, non-profit director, and corporate PR director.