Past President Barack Obama is classless. It was excruciating for eight years to have to put up with him and his narcissistic orations.

As you remember, he would lecture us about how horrible Americans are, how racist and greedy. He ignored the decency and compassion of the American people and the sacrifices that our veterans have made to save millions of people all over the world from oppression, slavery and death. 

He would apologize for us wherever he went which conservatives called “the apology tour.”

He implemented disastrous policies, most of which, thank goodness, have been annihilated by President Trump. 

Obama was the most corrupt and anti-American president we’ve ever had. Fast and Furious, IRS scandal, Benghazi, and the coup against Trump are some of the highlights of his rein of power.

And, as the John Lewis funeral exposed, Obama never fails to be what he really is – a community organizer who takes advantage of any situation to promote his disastrous communist agenda. 

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With a lackluster elderly dementia-laden failed politician being presented as the democratic presidential candidate, Obama saw his opening at the John Lewis funeral. 

It was HIS moment. 

It was the perfect opportunity.

Hundreds of thousands of people haven’t been able to have funerals for their loved ones since March but Obama knew he would be able to turn the funeral into a democratic election campaign rally because he would get no push back from the leftist media. They would praise him and say that he was doing what Lewis would have wanted – and they did.

Approximately 7700 people die in America each day. But they are not important. They don’t get funerals. Their families must follow the pandemic rules of social distancing which are thrown out the window by the elitist democrats whenever it suits them. Social distancing rules don’t matter when their supporters want to riot or there is a funeral which can get them good media coverage.

Obama, obviously, saw no issues with this. No issues with the widow sitting at home mourning her 80-year-old veteran husband who can’t have a funeral. No issues with a mom who lost her 8-year-old daughter to cancer and can’t have a funeral. 

No, democrats have never really cared about the “little people” out there who make up America. The demoncrats will press on and do what they do. They are, special, after all, and don’t have any rules.

Are democrats really supported to be the ones who are caring and empathetic? Give me a break.

The John Lewis funeral was Obama’s time to rally everyone – to galvanize the vote for democrats, to support his militia’s rioting and to give everyone tips on how to seize permanent democratic power.

During the funeral, Obama endorsed permanent democratic power by implementing the removal of the filibuster, giving statehood to Puerto Rico and Washington DC and allowing House representation for illegal aliens.

Obama spouted lies, distortions and did his best to mobilize the mourners and the TV audience with his tyrannical communist rhetoric to show how it’s possible for the democrats to rule the world again. And permanently this time.

He spent his time race baiting, bringing up Jim Crow, Bull Connor and Governor Wallace, and pushing the fallacy once again that minorities are not smart enough to figure out how to vote and how it’s racist to have to show ID even though Americans have to show ID for just about everything else we do.

Obama made an anti-police and racist statement at the funeral that was downright loathsome when he said, “Bull Connor may be gone. But today we witness with our own eyes police officers kneeling on the necks of Black Americans.”

No, it wasn’t officers. It was one officer who should be held accountable for what he did. One situation that the democrats were ready for to exploit to win elections by painting the entire country – and Republicans in particular – as racist.

Obama is no great uniter. He never was. He’s the great divider. And still is.