Albion College, a small private school in southern Michigan is demanding all incoming students strictly comply with a new tracking app or face expulsion. The new app, called Aurora, is required on all students phones and laptops and students must sign an agreement to follow all the new coronavirus rules.

The new rules include never leaving campus during the fall semester. That’s right Albion students are not allowed to leave the so-called bubble and if they do the punishment will be swift and could be severe.

Newly hired college President Matthew Johnson made the new coronavirus rules known much to the dismay of students, parents and even staff members who say they had no idea any of this was coming. No matter what a student may need this semester, they will have to find it on campus or go without. That includes off campus jobs or even going to the doctor. According to President Johnson that will not be possible. However, you can apply for a special dispensation that would allow you to travel outside the 4.5 mile perimeter of the school.

Marketing Senior Hayden Bakker says the new rules are “disgusting” and he says he feels like a prisoner on campus. Which is understandable when you realize the new policy of you can never leave- applies only to students and not the faculty and staff. So just like a summer prison camp the inmates cannot leave but the staff can come and go as they please.

Recently 20 Albion students were caught on an off campus party where they were allegedly found playing beer pong, smoking pot and eating pizza. Shocking I realize that college kids would be involved in such debaucherousl behavior but an investigation has apparently established the crimes did in fact occur.

As a result the College, according to an email from President Johnson  is pursuing the judicial process and considering such charges as failure to comply, endangering the health and safety of others, unauthorized entry and alcohol and drug violations.

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What the President fails to address is how it is scientifically based to lockdown the students while the staff has no such restrictions.