What do you do when you are a democrat and there is a town involved in a possible racial situation that you want to take advantage of for political reasons, but you aren’t sure that the locals will help you out? 

Maybe these locals don’t want their cities destroyed.

No matter.

You make sure your AntifaBLM terrorists are able to take the show on the road.

That seems to be the case in Kenosa, Washington where the police got a tip from someone about a group of suspicious vehicles with out of state plates – a bread truck, a minivan and a school bus.

The police staked out the vehicles with help from the U.S. Marshals. The vehicles went to a gas station and filled multiple fuel cans. The officers approached the vehicles, suspecting that they were planning something illegal. The suspects in the bus and truck surrendered but the minivan tried to flee but the suspects were stopped and arrested.

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Nine people were arrested.

A group out of Seattle, RiotKitchen206, claimed eight of the people as their members and they said they were helping to provide free food to protesters and activists. 

They said, “This is our crew and we know why they were there. To feed people. That’s it.”

Yeah, right.

That’s why they fled and that’s why the vehicles were filled with helmets, gas masks, protective vests, illegal fireworks and controlled substances.

What will happen to these “alleged” domestic terrorists is up in the air. 

They have, of course, already been released as most of those arrested for rioting and other crimes are these days.

Their fate will depend on whether the Kenosa County District Attorney’s office is being run by George Soros and his democrat friends.