Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Minneapolis, New York City… great cities are falling across the country, some possibly for a long time, because the democrats won’t control their AntifaBLM supporters and impose law and order against the looting, assaulting arsonist anarchists in the streets.

So it’s not too surprising that the democrats are now calling for violence outright.

Massachusetts representative and progressive “Squad” member Ayanna Pressley was on AM Joy on MSNBC on Sunday to express her concerns about the postal service not being able to handle the mail-in votes for the November presidential election because of changes by the Postmaster General Louis DeJoy. She called for the resignation of DeJoy for “corruption.”

Pressley told host Tiffany Cross that it was up to the people to solve the problem. She said, “You know, there needs to be unrest in the streets for as long as there’s unrest in our lives.”

MSNBC also backs the unrest. After Pressley made her comments, Cross said, “I have no retort to that. That is certainly accurate.”

Pressley is a police-defunding and open borders supporter among other things. She’s a far left progressive whose views often clash with most normal pro-American ideas.

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But then again, that’s the definition of a democrat these days.

And even though the Postmaster General has said that any changes to the postal service will be halted until the election in November, I’m sure Pressley and her anarchist friends will find something else to be mad about.

Pressley doesn’t seem to understand that the anarchist mob is violent enough. 

They don’t need politicians and the media actually egging them on to do more.