So what is it that upsets a democratic mayor enough to enforce the law?

Insurrection and the occupation of part of her city?


The take-over of a police precinct?


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The effective “kidnapping” of more than 500 families and businesses?


Extortion of businesses by thugs?


Threats and shootings?

Not really.

What upset democratic Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan is when her own political CHOP terrorists that she supported came after her.

That is just not cool.

They were useful idiots to her democratic cause in the beginning. Now they’re just criminals. 

When the enemies of America become the enemies of of the democrats, something must be done.

All of a sudden, last Wednesday, the mayor had the police chief clear out the CHOP area after making an executive order about their unlawful presence. 

Looks like she had an epiphany that what the CHOP terrorists were doing was dangerous and against the law. She figured this out after a mere three weeks. Brilliant woman.

I’m sure it had nothing to do with them finding out where she lived and protesting in front of her house.

By last Wednesday, only three days after the visit to Durkan’s house, CHOP was no more.

Go figure.

She said they were “putting families and children at risk” after they showed up at her house.

Really, mayor? You didn’t care too much about any families or children held against their will in the CHOP zone, did you? They were at risk too. White children, black children… you didn’t seem too concerned about it.

The rapes, the assaults… the unanswered 911 calls…

That was all okay. 

But once the CHOP mob comes to YOUR house, the the boom is dropped.

Looks like the mayor’s summer of love is over.

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