By Tsarizm Staff | July 4, 2020

Natanz Nuclear Facility Explosion In Iran: Timeline And Details On Possible Scenarios

An incident at the Natanz nuclear enrichment facility on July 2 led to speculation over whether the incident was as serious setback for Iran’s nuclear program and what was affected. It also leads to questions over whether it was, as Iran asserts, an accident or intentional sabotage.


The incident was the third of three myserous incidents in a week. On June 25 a massive explosion, seen many miles away in Tehran, burned a hillside near a missile complex at Khojir. On June 30 a medical center suffered a fire in Tehran, killing more than a dozen people. On July 2 an incident at Iran’s Natanz enrichment facility was initially mentioned by Iran’s official media, without elaboration.

It comes in the wake of a cyber attack. Iran alleged a cyber attack harmed Shahid Rajaee port in May…

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