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Make Matters Worse Lyin’ Pelosi Shuns Republican Coronavirus Bill in Order to Protect Trial Lawyers

The democrats are determined to keep the economy as handcuffed as possible and they’ve just come up with another way to do it.

In order to keep as many businesses shuttered as possible and in legal jeopardy, and also to protect the democratic donations from the trial lawyers, Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has poo-pooed the Republican coronavirus bill because it contains protections for businesses against frivolous lawsuits having to do with COVID-19.

No, the republicans aren’t protecting businesses from blatant disregard for employee health. 

They’re protecting businesses from idiots who might visit 20 stores in a day and sue all of them after getting COVID-19 when they have no idea, or proof, how they were infected.

The republican bill has exemptions for lawsuits aimed at businesses, schools and universities and moves lawsuits to federal court. It limits legal liability to acts of “gross negligence” or intentional misconduct.

The republicans want to make sure that the lawsuits that come about from the pandemic are actually legitimate.

Oh, the horror! 

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senator John Cornyn actually came up with a bill that has common sense and protects businesses who are adhering to the public-health guidelines in good faith. 

The trial lawyers aren’t too happy with the republican bill for many reasons including that the bill would be retroactive to when the virus started to spread and would also last through at least 2024.

Senator Cornyn realized a bill to protect businesses was very much needed. He said, “Even if businesses and hospitals follow all the relevant guidelines and act in good faith, they could end up fighting a very long and very expensive lawsuit. They could end up winning the lawsuit, but they could also end up going bankrupt in the process.”

Bankrupt businesses are of no concern to Make Matters Worse Lyin’ Pelosi unless her local store runs out of ice cream.

She obviously no longer cares about the “hero” health care workers on the front lines anymore because she is not in favor of protecting health care providers from lawsuits either.

In an interview on CBS News “Face the Nation” on Sunday, she said the democrats will not support liability protections for employers of “essential workers” in the coronavirus bill.

She went on to lie about the bill saying, “What they’re saying (republicans) to essential workers, ‘you have to go work because you’re essential. We’ve placed no responsibility on your employer to make that workplace safe.'”

She’s a liar. That’s not what the bill is about and it’s not reality either. I have yet to go in any store in my town that doesn’t have about 10 signs posted to their doors about social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands and all kinds of other things. Then when you enter, you see sanitizer, wipes, employers washing off equipment and counters and more. 

Businesses are being MORE than responsible and as safe as they can be with the information and guidelines they are given so that they can keep their employees safe and their customers coming back.

Unfortunately, knowing how spineless the republicans are, they are sure to cave on the liability issue to some extent, if not completely. They don’t even sound as if they’re all that united on the bill to begin with.

Senator Ted Cruz said, “The focus of this legislation is wrong. Our priority, our objective, should be restarting the economy.”

In the end, like we usually do, we’ll probably end up with a BS bill that gives the democrats 97% of what they want, which is never good for the country.