For the past month, the country, and the world, is getting a glimpse of what the democrats are all about. Lawlessness.

The looters, statue pullers and murderers are getting away with their crimes because the democrats and their leftist media friends have their backs.

Don’t worry if you commit a crime in New York City. They won’t make you post bond. You can get right back out and continue your life of crime. 

Did you take over part of your city, loot a business or set a police precinct on fire?

That’s okay because your democrat city commissioners, mayors and governors will protect you.

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They will allow your summer of love to continue wherever you want as long as you don’t take your grievances to their front doors.

Manhattan District Attorney Cy Vance, Jr. is not going to be prosecuting protesters who had charges of unlawful assembly and disorderly conduct in the “interest of justice.” Well, of course. Why would we expect any different? Those are democrat voters. You can’t go after them.

So don’t worry about going to jail. Just go about your business.

You are the useful idiots for their election strategy.

But the lawlessness of the democrats starts at the very top.

Lawlessness begets lawlessness.

Top corrupt democrats set the example to their supporters that if you’re a democrat, you can do whatever you want without consequences.

Hillary Clinton committed several crimes when she used her own internet email server and destroyed evidence. 

But she’s a democrat. So she’s good to go.

The Obama administration sent pallets of money to Iran (from where?), orchestrated a coup against President Trump, spied on Republicans, gave guns to Mexico for PR purposes to restrict American gun purchases and much more. 

The list of Obama’s crimes and unconstitutional behavior is endless.

Obama and his administration are the most corrupt politicians ever to be in the White House and there are dozens of deep state accomplices and media people who should be in jail. 

But democrats don’t end up in jail unless they are no longer useful to the cause.

They do the crime, but don’t do the time.

And the spineless Republicans are so incredibly slow and inefficient to get to the bottom of anything, if they investigate at all, that no consequences (or handcuffs) ever reach the democrats.

We all know that none of the criminals in the Obama administration who were involved in the coup against Trump will ever see justice.

Senator Chuck Grassley agrees. He understands the game and what’s going on. He tweeted about it recently. He said, “the deep state is so deep that people get away with political crimes.”

Grassley is frustrated that it looks like the reports on the investigations into the democrats and any prosecutions are not going to happen before the election. 

Heck. Those of us with a brain know it’s not going to happen at all. Most of us live in the real world.

That’s why the democrats are pushing so hard to win the election. Because on the off chance that Trump has four more years to investigate them and get more evidence of their crimes, they need to make sure Biden is in office to protect them.

These corrupt democrat hooligans always talk about Trump being above the law but Trump does things by the book. The book being the constitution. But they are the ones who think they are above the law in any situation. 

They do what they need to do to get their way so that they can make their money and stay in power.

If the democrats couldn’t frame Trump with their ongoing coup against him with all the lawyers and money they had to go after him, then he’s more “pure” than any of us could possibly imagine.

That’s the only part of the democrat’s plan that went awry. They are all so corrupt that they think everyone else is too and they thought they’d be able to find something Trump did and frame him pretty easily. So when they couldn’t, they started manufacturing things and “leaked” false information.

With upstanding democratic leaders like these, it’s no surprise that we have violence and rioting in the streets. The democrats not only allow it, they condone it, encourage it and give them the money and directions on how to do it.

They are mentors of social unrest and criminality.