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Hidin’ Biden is Too Much of a Chicken to Interview With Chris Wallace

President Trump is the most accessible and transparent president we’ve ever had. He tweets, he interviews, he answers non-coronavirus questions at a coronavirus press conference, he answers questions on the way to his helicopter, he answers questions on the way to the bathroom…he answers questions everywhere he goes. 

Trump is not afraid of the media even though they constantly lie about him.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, on the other hand, is as scripted as his handlers can make him. And even with that, he screws up quotes, answers, dates, locations and forgets who his wife is. 

Biden is in the basement for a reason. His handlers want him away from the press as much as possible because there is a high probability that the American people would really get the scope of his dementia and inability to run the country.

Most of us doubt Biden will ultimately debate Trump. His handlers will come up with a reason for him not to show up – or figure out how to give him the questions ahead of time and put a communication device in his ear to tell him what to say.

Anti-Trumper Chris Wallace has interviewed President Trump many times including last week. 

But what about Biden?

Matthews has asked for an interview but Biden is “not available [1].” 

He’s too busy.

Doing what? 

Knitting in the basement? Appearing in SEIU advertisements? Putting together his McDonald’s Monopoly game pieces???

What’s he afraid of?


Matthews might actually ask him some real questions and get clarifications on his new socialist policies, what funding he wants to take away from the police and why he hasn’t condemned the rioting of the AntifaBLM.

Trump, in his interview with Matthews last week, had questioned Biden’s ability to handle the same kind of interview.

Biden’s handlers must have the same concerns.

Wallace said they’d continue to ask for an interview every week.

Hidin’ Biden, meanwhile, will strategize how to run the free world from his bunker in Delaware.