Democratic Michigan Governor’s policy of putting COVID-19 patients in nursing homes has likely been the cause of a large amount of deaths among the elderly in Michigan. She sent sick people into unequipped nursing homes, assisted living facilities and other health care facilities.

Yet somehow she thinks that she has the moral authority to write an executive order which makes Michigan health care workers take “implicit bias training” in order to get their medical licenses because they are racist and the reason so many blacks in Michigan are getting and dying from the coronavirus.

She cited the National Healthcare Disparities Report when she said that white people get a higher quality of care than people of color. Because of the disproportionate impact on communities of color regarding COVID-19, she says that her bias training will give people of color the equal respect and dignity they deserve.

Like everything else, she mandates things without actually having medical or scientific data to back her up. All she has is statistics. 

People of color could be more affected by the coronavirus because their lack of vitamin D, because they tend to live in crowded urban areas, because of poor food choices, because they see their doctors less or tend to have underlying conditions or a multitude of other reasons. 

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Whitmer has no proof about what’s going on. She takes a statistic and develops her own reasoning and cure for it and, like most democrats, Whitmer goes straight to the race card. Race is to blame and nothing else.

Everyone is racist. That’s always the democrat’s go-to position.

The bottom line in her press conference and executive order is that in Michigan, more blacks are getting the virus and dying from the virus because of racist health care workers. 

I’m sure, after all the time and sacrifices they’ve been making the past few months, they were ecstatic to learn what Whitmer really thinks about them.

Never fear though because Whiter’s “racial equity” training will undoubtedly fix everyone and then things will be fine.

What? You don’t think you are racist? Well, you are. You have implicit bias.

Implicit means capable of being understood from something else though unexpressed – or implied.

So all your life, you haven’t considered yourself to be racist. In fact, your husband and kids are black but that doesn’t matter. 

Big Gretch and the state Michigan say you are racist. 

It’s implicit and all white people have racism within them.

It’s not revealed, it’s not out in the open, but it’s there. 

So what you need is government training. 

Like the re-education camps in communist countries, your democratic state government is going to make darn sure that you think the way they want you to think and do what they say. You need to be rehabilitated so you can go back into society in the correct manner.

Of all the people to be required to take implicit bias training, it seems like health care workers should be about the last people on the list. Physicians actually take an oath for their job. Their hippocratic oath doesn’t allow them to give different treatment to different races. 

People who go into the medical field do so because it’s a calling. They want to help people. Save people. They don’t go into medicine so they can save white people only.

And if they ask questions that people find offensive, too bad. They do that with everyone. They ask you every private question they can think of to diagnose your illness or treat your injury. They rely on your medical history, race, age, height, weight, marital status and a host of other things to put the pieces together and figure out what’s wrong with you.

They don’t give you the better “white” medicine or keep you longer in the hospital because they approve or disapprove of your race.

Race-baiting Whitmer is a disgrace to the state of Michigan and needs to take governor training because she doesn’t know what the heck she’s doing.