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99 Days Until the Promise of America is Protected – or We Go Straight to Hell

The stakes of the 2020 presidential election couldn’t be any higher.

One one side, you have a president who has made our country more prosperous, safe and has given us more opportunities than just about all presidents before him. 

He made the military stronger, helped the veterans, solidified our relationship with Israel, cut regulations, reduced taxes, made better trade deals, lowered unemployment to record levels (coronavirus notwithstanding), gotten rid of the Obamacare individual mandate, gotten us out of horrible agreements with other countries like the Iran deal, gave dying people the right to try medicines to save themselves, gotten two Supreme Court judges nominated and more. 

He has fulfilled most of his promises and has exposed the media, the deep state and the democrats for the corrupt, immoral sleaze-buckets they are. 

Trump is a president who believes in the American people and wants to give them the freedom to have the best lives that they can make for themselves, no matter who they are, any race, any religion, any anything.

On the other side, you have a party that used the office of the presidency to commit a coup against Trump (still going on), used the IRS to go after political enemies, gave guns to Mexican cartels as a PR stunt for gun control, is at war with our police and black citizens in impoverished neighborhoods, spouts anti-Semitic utterances, wants to take away our gun rights, censors our speech, and they set our cities on fire when they don’t get their way.

The spray-painted wall of the courthouse in Oakland explains what the AntifaBLM militia wants. It says, “Until the police and ICE are abolished, we will burn this city down.”

That is now the democrat party.

The democratic cities are the worse cities in the country – poverty and crime is abundant. Democrats have never ran anything well for the people. But that’s never been their goal. They do what they need to do to get re-elected. They are the mob and now they have their own AntifaBLM militia to help them achieve their goals.

Democrats lie, cheat and steal in every situation they find themselves in. They don’t believe in allowing freedom or choice. They want complete control and submission. They want to destroy America.

In a sane world, there would be no choice in this election. Why in the world would you want to vote for people who are trying to destroy you?

Well, it’s because, as I stated above, they lie, cheat and steal. Some democrat voters have no idea what their own party is doing or what their real goals are.

The democrats are constantly in the public relations business to spin the news because the reality of the democratic party is dismal, disgusting and offers no opportunity for anyone. So they lie about their opponent and do this over and over and over again. They lie to their own supporters because they know they are too ignorant to find out the truth. They fill them with envy and hate and let them loose.

The democrats and their leftist media friends started out by lying that Hillary Clinton was going to win against Trump. The polls said so. They pushed that one because when Trump won, it made the democrats question the legitimacy of the election.

They wondered, well how in the heck did that happen if Clinton was 12 points ahead? Trump must have cheated. Yep. He was working with the Russians. That seems like a reasonable explanation. And off to the races they went. 

Lie after lie was spewed on the leftist cable stations and across the internet. Lie after lie was spewed by democrats like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. And they still are to this day.

The leftist media was only too happy to push the narrative that Trump was the one who was the liar and the cheater. Trump was an illegitimate president so that meant that everything the democrats did was justified. And still is to this day. Which is why the riots continue.

The media came up with new acceptable phrases like “three sources close to The White House” and after saying that, were able to make up any story they wanted. All of a sudden, they didn’t actually need sources anymore. All of a sudden, journalism was dead and their editorials were news.

Then once they published their lies, all of their leftist friends picked it up and ran with it like they were the Associated Press. No need to fact check anything or do their own sourcing. Just cut and paste someone else’s story so it looked like the whole world found out about whatever Trump’s corruption was for the day. Repetition meant the truth to them – or at least that’s how they sold it.

The media has been the marketing arm of the DNC and has done their job well lying about the president and lying about their own bad deeds and true goals for the country.

But we know what is coming if Biden wins the presidential election. It’s not pretty. It might not even be survivable.

With Biden (his handlers) in office, the destruction of our country is all but certain. At a time when we will need freedom, opportunity and prosperity more than ever, he will raise taxes, impose regulations and kill off the energy sector with his Green New Deal friends pushing him to eliminate any progress we’ve made since the Industrial Revolution.

Biden (his handers) will make sure that Republicans never get in power again by adding justices to the Supreme Court, killing the filibuster and giving citizenship and voting rights to illegal aliens. 

Biden (his handlers) will push for statehood for Washington D.C. to gain additional members for the House of Representatives and two more senators. The democrats will count illegals for representation in the House of Representatives to get more democratic representatives and electors for elections.

Biden (his handlers) will take away your guns even at a time while he will support defunding the police. Good luck surviving that.

Biden (his handlers) will push Medicare for All which is really healthcare for none and rationing for all. So good luck surviving that too.

This election is quite similar to the choice we made when we decided to fight the British in 1775.

We were fighting for our freedoms and our very existence.

Only this time, we don’t have to take up arms.

We have to vote to ward off the evil against us.

It’s an easy decision really. In a sane world.

Do you want your God given rights or not?

Do you want the opportunity to improve your life?

Do you want your freedom?

Do you want to continue to live in America?