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The Country is Protesting Democrat Rule While Ignorantly Voting for Them Year After Year 

George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

Protesters and rioters came out in force, mad about how things are being ran in their community. 

Democrat City Council. Democrat Mayor. Democrat Governor. 

The current occupation of Seattle, Washington by CHAZ CHOP has a long list of demands for their government because they think they suck. 

Democrat City Council. Democrat Mayor. Democrat Governor. 

New York City is one of the hot spots of rioting and protesting over racial issues. They also have the most COVID-19 deaths because of the ineptness of the…guess who… 

…Democrat Mayor and Democrat Governor. 

And there are 51 members in the New York City Council who decide the policies of the city. Only three are Republican. Three out of 51. 

And more democrat madness continues. An already lawless San Francisco will no longer respond to “noncriminal” activities. Neighborhood dispute? Homeless guy sleeping at your doorstep? Too bad. No help for you. 

Just one more city democrats are ruining. One more city where the democrats can’t offer the services that their constituents need. But don’t worry. The city workers and politicians will keep getting their paychecks. For what I’m not sure. 

So who runs San Francisco? Democrat San Francisco Board of Supervisors. Democrat Mayor. Democrat Governor. Oh, and it’s Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi’s district. Big surprise. 

See a pattern here, folks? Who’s to blame for the chaos and bad policies in America? 

Pretty easy to figure that one out. 

If you think these communities are actually racist, you have to look at who is in charge of those racist policies – and have been for decades. 

And then, of course, we have Joe Biden as the democratic candidate running to be president of the United States even though he has a dismal history on helping black Americans, has spoken many ACTUAL racist quotes (unlike the fake racism attributed to Trump) and how can we forget that he has told the black community that they are, in fact, not black if they vote for Trump. 

What party does this great civil rights leader belong to? 

Yes, he’s a democrat. 

Do we have systemic racism? No. Most people using the phrase don’t even know what the word “systemic” means but they are parrots and repeat the democrat mantra. 

But hey, let’s say it’s true for the sake of the argument. Let’s say the country has systemic racism. 

Who are the politicians, House members and Senators who have been in power forever and done nothing about it? 

Patrick Lehy – 45 years – Democrat 

Nancy Pelosi – 33 years – Democrat 

Steny Hoyer – 39 years – Democrat 

Chuck Schumer – 39 years – Democrat 

Black House member Jim Clyburn – 27 years – Democrat 

Joe Biden – 36 years – Democrat 

And whose cities are the most dangerous? The ones ran by democrats [1], of course. No surprise. 

So it’s obvious to me who the racists are, who the oppressors are, who the politicians are who are ineffective in their jobs. Total losers. 

But by all means, keep voting democrat. I’m sure that things will change. Just like they keep promising, right?