Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo gets a pass for sending COVID-19 patients to nursing homes around his state, killing thousands. But he’s stopping you evil Arizonians, Alabamans, Arkansans, Floridians, North Carolinians, South Carolinians, Washingtonians, Utahns and Texans from going into his state and moving around freely because your state’s coronavirus cases are rising. 

Are you from Phoenix coming into New York City for your daughter’s wedding? Too bad, so sad. You will have to watch the wedding on Zoom.

Yes, I know that the constitution allows you the freedom of movement with the Privileges and Immunities Clause but since when has a democrat ever cared about the constitution? 

Visitors from nine states will need to self quarantine for 14 days if they come into New York (or New Jersey or Connecticut) – or face the consequences, go into mandatory quarantine (not sure how they’ll enforce that) and pay big fines. 

Looks like he said that “some” out-of-state travelers to New York “might” be pulled over by police if they have an out of state license plate. So more selective enforcement – which seems to be what policing is all about these days.

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So here’s some advice for your next entry into New York in case you’re stopped by a police officer… Print up some small signs for the inside of your car that say “Blue Lives Matter” and “Cuomo sucks.”

That should get you passage.

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