Liberals have taught students in schools that the country is horrible. And racist. Democrats and the media support that narrative every day.

They say that you are a racist if you support the police or if you are pro-America because the country was founded by racist white slave owners. Those 20-year-old anarchists who haven’t been taught about the goodness of the county are in the streets today yelling, looting, rioting and threatening people who disagree with them.

Others who are brave enough to publicly support the police face backlash for doing so. 

Ron Pentaude, owner of the Local Fresh Grill in New Port Richey, Florida declared his restaurant a “safe habor” for police officers recently. 

Pantaude is a Navy veteran and was not happy with the movement to disband and defund the police.

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Pantaude, like many others, is “tired of people tearing my country apart.” He posted on Facebook that his restaurant will always have the officers’ backs and he will allow officers to enter and he’ll lock the doors if he needs to protect them.

At Pantaude’s restaurant, the police have a place where they will be welcomed by the owner, staff and customers. They won’t have to worry about someone spitting in their food or causing a scene.

Pantaude has supported police officers since he opened his restaurant four years ago, giving them discounts on their food.

His support of police officers has brought out the usual haters and even a threat to burn down his restaurant. 

Dissension is not allowed by liberals. You agree with them – or else. And “or else” isn’t just arguing with you anymore or trying to shut down your business. It’s come to violence as we’ve seen over the past few weeks.

Pantaude has decided he wants to do even more to help officers so he has set up a non-profit to support law enforcement.

The website’s mission is to support law enforcement officers and help businesses who want to do so by offering decals to put up in their businesses and also letting people donate a meal to a police officer.