Numbers are a funny thing. They don’t lie. 

So we all know that there has been a massive increase in testing people for COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic in America. 

And every time the fake news leftist media starts pushing their coronavirus outbreak news for political purposes, we push back and remind them of the increased testing. 

But we can do more than just remind them. 

We have the numbers on our side. 

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The CDC reported that they had tested 3,906,678 people from March 1st through April 25th, 2020 with 18% of the tests testing positive. 

By May 23rd, the percentage of people testing positive was 13.1%. 

As of today, the CDC has done 23,765,801 tests with only 11% of them being positive. 

So the truth is that we’ve had a 7% decline in positive cases since March 1st throughout the country. 

The leftist media will cherry pick parts of the country with “outbreaks” so they can freak people out but the numbers show a steady decrease in the percentage of people testing positive. And why aren’t they telling people if the increases have been identified in nursing homes or prisons? Hm… no “real” information from the so-called journalists is emerging. 

These media people didn’t even utter the word “coronavirus” for about two weeks during the George Floyd protests as the protesters marched in groups of tens of thousands. That was all fine and dandy. It was only when Trump announced that he was having a rally that the media remembered that we were in the middle of a pandemic and they had to get back into the panic zone. 

And the funny thing about the numbers is that in March, we were pretty much just testing people who were sick and symptomatic. We have enough testing now that we’re testing people who aren’t even sick or symptomatic. 

So you would think the percentages of positive cases would go up, right, if there’s a massive outbreak like the media says? Because we’re catching more sick people that we didn’t even know were sick. 


We are on a downward curve. 

So don’t let the leftist media lie to you. Virus spread is going DOWN. 


The CDC says so.