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Breaking News: COVID-19 is Exclusively a Republican Virus 

That’s right. The coronavirus can hone in and figure out what political party you belong to and infect you accordingly. 

Are you a patriot going to an outside rally with a mask and staying six feet away from others to protest lockdown orders? You’re a killer. You will get the virus and selfishly spread it to others. 

You are going to start a whole new pandemic and your governor is going to have to extend your lockdown indefinitely if you leave the house and try to uphold your constitutional rights. 

Are you a democrat who is protesting racism or transgender rights in groups of tens of thousands of people? You are safe. 

Whew. That was close. 

Don’t worry about science or facts. Don’t worry about medical information or any advice from WHO or the CDC. 

It’s a whole new world. 

If you decide to become a Joe Biden supporter, you are good to go. 

Wait a sec. There AREN’T actually any Joe Biden supporters. 

Okay. So if you are a never-Trumper, you are good to go. 

It’s like you have a bubble around you. The virus says, “No. You’re a wonderful person so I won’t infect you. Go about your business.” 

There was a Black Trans Lives Matter rally [1]in Brooklyn over the weekend attended by the usual group of white 20-year-olds Bernie Bros. protesters with nothing else to do. They were packed together like sardines just like they have been the past few weeks protesting racial discrimination. 

The government, the media and the medical professionals didn’t seem concerned. Not if you’re out protesting for democrat causes. In fact it’s admired and fully supported most of the time. By all three groups. 

But what they ARE concerned about is beating Trump. 

So they’ll jump into lecture mode about virus spread when it’s about keeping businesses closed to keep down the Trump economy. 

And they’re quite concerned about the Trump rally in Oklahoma – of course. That’s because Trump has at least 800,000 people who want to go to the rally and Biden recently had less than 200 people [2]watching one of his exciting virtual events. 

But we’re supposed to be concerned about the media’s polling that shows Biden way ahead in the race. 

Yeah, right. 

We’re about as concerned as we were when the leftist media told us that Crooked Hillary had it in the bag. 

Dream on, liberals.