The evidence is there. Releasing inmates from prisons and jails who may be “vulnerable” to the coronavirus is NOT a good idea. 

Nevermind if they are a threat to the rest of us or are murderers like in the case of Illinois, where they have released 4,000 inmates, 64 of which were convicted of murder

Now we also have to worry that the inmates being released are infected with COVID-19. It is in Los Angeles (of course), where we find out that prisoners are being released without being tested for the coronavirus

So they’re trying to protect the prisoner but not the general public. That seems to be what government does well. Screwing over law abiding people at the expense of a few. We wouldn’t want the states to have to show bad statistical data that prisons are full of coronavirus cases and deaths. That would look really bad. Better to shove the inmates out the door. 

And some prisoners who are actually getting a coronavirus test in Los Angeles jails and prisons aren’t even being told about their results until days after being released. That seems real productive. 

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It looks like, since the beginning of May, Los Angeles has released more than 5,500 inmates with 700 more a week coming out of their jails and prisons. 

In Colorado, Cornelius Haney was released from prison following an executive order from the governor and went on to murder 21-year-old Heather Perry. A small price to pay to possibly prevent an outbreak in the prison, right? 

As of April 16th, Fox News reported over 16,000 inmates in the United States have been released from jail due to the fears about the coronavirus. I’m sure the number is much higher by now. 

And in NYC, more than 100 inmates who were released from jail have already reoffended, dozens of them coming from Rikers Island. Yes, even inmates at Rikers Island have been released. Let that sink in. The geniuses who came up with this national prison release effort seem more interested in the inmates and not overwhelming jails and prisons than they do about the rest of us. 

But what else is new?