Democratic Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi certainly has taken Rahm Emanuel’s statement to heart – never let a serious crisis go to waste. Nance went full-force on her new legislation, pushing forward her wish list of progressive ideas into the coronavirus bill that had zero input from any of the Republicans. 

Nancy’s new 1,815 page coronavirus bill has all kinds of goodies in it for her crazy liberal base. 

And a very interesting part of the bill is the unemployment extension that goes through January. Really, Nance? That’s pretty transparent. What’s in January? Oh yeah… a new presidential term. 

Only the joke’s on you, dear. It’ll be Trump’s presidential term and not Joe Biden’s. 

Nancy and her crazy democrat buddies in the House of Representatives have inserted into the bill billions in stimulus money for illegals. 

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They have incentives for businesses to hire illegals with no fear of prosecution. 

They want illegal aliens released from ICE custody who don’t pose a “threat to public safety or national security.” 

They give grants to sanctuary cities. 

They provide money for abortions through Planned Parenthood. 

They earmarked $20 million in funding for arts and humanities foundations (I’m sure that will help stop the pandemic). 

They have a pot of $1 trillion in bailout money for states who were running their states into the ground far before the coronavirus ever hit. 

In a meeting that Trump had with two governors on Wednesday, Trump said the bill was “DOA.” 

Sorry, Nance. You can call it the “Heroes Act” but people aren’t buying it.