I can’t even count how many stories I have read from the fake news leftist media today which have absolutely no sources for their stories. And most of them turned out to be from CNN. 

If I could use their kind of journalism “integrity” I could pretty much write anything I wanted every day. 

Maybe I should go for it. 

Headline tomorrow… Joe Biden’s Wife, an Extraterrestrial, Having Affair with Barack Obama While Spouses are Busy. 

I have three sources “close to the situation” like you always do, CNN. Prove me wrong. 

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So today I see a story from CNN that CDC sources say that the White House is putting politics ahead of science and that the CDC has been muzzled

Wow. What a scoop. 

You found a few deep state disgruntled Trump haters to feed you a fairytale. Or you just made it up entirely. There is no way to know because you don’t get anyone on the record. You never do when it’s one of your fake Trump stories. 

Good job. 

You said you got your information from “staff members” and “CDC officials.” 

Really? Who would that be? The security guard or the janitor? If they were legitimate and if they had proof, you’d give us their names. But you are all frauds. 

“Sources inside the CDC” you say later in the article. LOL. You really crack me up sometimes. 

If I don’t see a named source in a story, I quit reading it. But I know YOUR readers aren’t that smart. Heck, YOUR readers don’t even read the story. They just read the headline, share it and move on. Total ignorance abounds. 

Another CNN story today says that CDC’s Director Redfield is in the hot seat. They used one of their much-used phrases: “multiple sources familiar with the discussion.” 

That’s one of my favorites. 

I found these two stories so humorous today that I went directly to the CNN website just to see if I could find a story about Trump that HAD a named source. 


They publish stories with unnamed sources or they publish editorials about why Trump is stupid. They found a cute name for editorials though – they call it analysis.