Basement Joe can’t seem to come out into the light or manage an interview coherently without his wife sitting next to him, helping him answer questions. He’s also at a loss on how to pull off a professional looking virtual town hall. 

Why are his advisers and technical people allowing him to look like an idiot? Is it because they know he’s not the “real” candidate and they just don’t care? 

Incompetence starts from the top and he certainly has plenty. He doesn’t seem to understand how technology works and either do the IT people working for him. 

His recent town hall was an embarrassing spectacle, starting three hours late and he had to re-start his speech because there was no audio. And then everything got garbled. We’re supposed to put the future of the country in the hands of Biden and the incompetent people he hires? No thanks. 

Where are all of Biden’s tech friends? Surely Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg have a little time to show old Joe the ropes and set him up for some professional looking productions? But maybe they know no one is actually watching – or cares what Biden is saying or doing. 

Greg Gutfeld, from Fox’s “The Five” said on a recent show that he has yet to meet a Biden supporter. He’s met lots of Biden voters, but no Biden supporters. That didn’t work out too well for presidential candidate John McCain. I never met a McCain supporter. Everyone I knew voting for McCain were voting for Sarah Palin or against Obama – and we all know how that ended up. 

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Biden is no stranger to town halls that turn into a mess. He went off the rails back in March too between technical glitches and forgetting what he was talking about and wandering off camera. 

So I guess whether Biden has a campaign or not – or has a good campaign or not – is irrelevant. They don’t care. They don’t care if he’s senile or corrupt or is creepy or has sexual assault allegations against him. They don’t care if he runs a decent campaign or not. They’re just going to sit around with their fingers crossed and run with the “he’s not Trump” campaign. 

If Biden is going to campaign for president out of his basement, I think he needs to step up his game. It’s time to give up the party line telephone and eight-track tapes and learn how to use a microwaves, cell phones, microphones and Zoom.