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Opening the Country is Totally Political, Otherwise You’d Know who Governor Kevin Stitt is 

Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt recently announced his plans to start reopening his state, but because he’s a democrat governor, he hasn’t gotten a whole lot of negative media attention like the Florida governor and other republican governors have. 

Stitt is planning to slowly open his state, citing a downward trend in cases and hospitalizations. He will be allowing some businesses to reopen on Friday including personal care businesses by appointment only. 

Businesses will open in a three phase “Open Up and Recover Safely” Plan. The plan is based on scientific modeling from public health care experts and is intended to mitigate the risk of resurgence. 

Of course, there was democrat resistance to his plan in the Oklahoma House of Representatives. Democratic House Minority Leader Emily Virgin said he was opening from a place of fear because he’s worried about the long-term economic effects of the pandemic and said, “In this time of uncertainty, it is crucial not to make decisions hastily and out of fear but out of fact.” 

Stitt said if cases and hospitalizations remain at a “manageable level” for two weeks, the state will move on to phase two. 

Following the guidelines from the White House, Still says that businesses will have to follow sanitation and social distancing guidelines form the state’s Department of Commerce. In another week, movie theaters, churches and other businesses will open. His plan seems very similar to other republican governors who are also using the White House plan as a guide. 

However, if you look on Twitter, there is little said about Stitt. On the other hand, there are plenty of tweets and vitriol about Florida republican Governor Ron DeSantis, including the Twitter mob going after him for opening beaches and businesses.