While no one was really paying attention to any of the primaries on Tuesday, Trump won enough
delegates to be the undisputed Republican nominee with more than the 1,276 delegates needed after
winning the Florida primary.

Republicans came out in big numbers to vote for President Trump who shattered voting records for
voting percentages and total votes cast.

Meanwhile, the boring and scary contest continues between a senile former Vice President and a
communist to be the Democratic nominee for president. Biden is ahead in the delegate lead 1,153 to
Bernie’s 861.

Trump tweeted on Wednesday, “The DNC will have gotten their fondest wish and defeated Bernie
Sanders, far ahead of schedule. Now they are doing everything possible to be nice to him in order to
keep his supporters. Bernie has given up, just like he did last time…”

Many media outlets and Democrats are pushing for Bernie to step down and give the prize to Biden
but why should he? Biden is sure to scare many Democrats between now and the July Democratic
National Convention. Scare them with his ramblings and senior moments, making voters worry about
his mental capacity. If Bernie’s got the money to go on, there’s no reason to throw in the towel now.
The media is even admitting that Biden’s VP candidate pick is VERY important. Well, of course it is.

Biden has no capability to run the country.

Even Majority Whip Jim Cyburn has said that Biden’s pick for a running mate is one of he most
important decisions he’ll make. If he won, he’d be the oldest person to ever take the oath of office of
the presidency.