Gun sales are surging across the country due to the coronavirus fears and it looks like those sales are

At a time when the Democrats are trying to put restrictions on firearms and take away as many of our
Second Amendment rights as possible, what’s going on in the country right now is more than the
justification we need for gun ownership. Not that we need justification. We have a Constitution and that’s
supposed to be enough.

People are afraid of a total breakdown of our civil society – and that’s only going to happen faster if the
police are going to start to refuse to show up when crimes are committed.

In Lansing, Michigan, Police Chief Caryl Green actually put out a memo to to let everyone know that until
further notice, they won’t respond in person to reports of larceny, property destruction, retail fraud,
attempted break-ins, ID theft, harassing phone calls, credit card theft and other crimes. But don’t worry,
you can go on their website and report any crime that happens to you.

Looks like it’s a field day for criminals. I doubt the criminals care too much about social distancing and will
do what they need to do. And with no consequences, people who weren’t criminals before might look into
a career change.

Meridian Township in Michigan issued a similar statement, limiting in-person responses but luckily they’re
continue to respond to violent and in-progress crimes. Lucky us.

Louisville Metro police in Kentucky are no longer responding to many situations including burglaries and
speeding and will not be dispatched to public intoxication cases, loitering, illegal parking and other

Louisville Metro Police Chief Steve Conad said that the changes are being made “in the interest of
focusing on making sure our officers are able to respond in an emergency situation or life is threatened
and to keep them healthy.”

Philadelphia is also following suit by not putting non-violent criminals in jail.

Keeping officers healthy seems to be more important now than keeping citizens safe even though our
taxes are paying the police to protect us.

Just like the closings of schools and banning of restaurants, once a city or state does something, it
seems that everyone else jumps on the bandwagon to do the same. We’ll see if letting criminals commit
crimes without punishment becomes a trend across the country. It’s like we have a bunch of new
sanctuary cities for American criminals now instead of just the illegal alien criminals.

And of course, Democrats are trying to stop the citizens from protecting themselves as usual. Illinois
Mayor Deborah Frank Feinen issued an executive order recently that gives her the power to halt
ammunition and firearms sales. Must be nice to have the power to give yourself more power than the

The Founding Fathers gave us a Second Amendment without infringement but we’re being infringed all
over the place. Americans deserve to be able to protect ourselves from threats, foreign and domestic.

Especially if our law enforcement officers are no longer doing their job.