Have a lot of time on your hands? What is your financial situation?

Some of us are still working and getting a paycheck. Some of us are not working and getting a
paycheck. Some of us get governmental assistance and haven’t suffered any financial losses since
the pandemic hit our country. And it sounds like we all might be getting a governmental check soon.

With time on our hands and maybe a little money still around, we should be thinking about how we be
productive with our money and time and help others.

• Maybe you’re in a business that is down to essential workers only. Your co-workers who had to be
left go for a few weeks might need a little help. What about the single mother or an older worker who
was supplementing his social security payments? What about sending them $50 or $100 to help them
out – or send a gas or grocery card.

• Think of the people in nursing homes that can’t have any visitors. Write a letter to them or have your
children draw pictures for them and mail them to the nursing homes (call first just in case they aren’t
accepting mail).

• There are also veterans who would like to hear from you. You can email a 20 second video
message to a veteran by clicking here to get more info.

• Check on an elderly or disabled neighbor and see how you can help with shopping so they don’t
have to go out.

• Call up a single friend or family member. People are very isolated right now and hearing your voice
would cheer them up.

• Non-profit organizations are in need of donations and supplies: animal rescue groups and shelters,
homeless shelters, blood banks and others. Is there a charity that is close to your heart? Call around
locally and see what’s needed where you live.

• If you are a business, think about how you can help others in your community. Starbucks is offering
free hot or iced coffee for first responders until May 3rd (their drive-thru’s are open) and I’ve found
quite a lot of restaurants who are giving free meals to first responders including Lakes 23 Restaurant
and Pub in Newaygo County, Michigan. They’ve teamed up with Michigan Senator Jon Burnstead to
deliver free meals to first responders in the county. You can click here if you want to donate a meal.

• Just about every community is looking for donations of PPEs (personal protective equipment) –
masks, gowns, gloves, etc. Check with your county or city to see what their needs are.

• Or better yet, learn to make a mask. People all over the country are doing it. If you’d like to try to
make one, you can click here.