Doing nothing is what Democrats do. They promise the world and deliver nothing. When they DO
deliver on their policies, things get worse. Have they solved the homeless crisis yet? Income
inequality? Racism? Food insecurity?

Their marketing strategy for elections is lip service for real and imaginary problems. That is always
their plan to get elected. Solving problems wouldn’t be good for them because they would no longer
be able to complain about something and promise to fix it.

Looks like Alyssa Milano was moved to tears recently by Joe Biden’s inaction. She thanked God for
Biden’s coronavirus leadership.

She tweeted, “I have tears in my eyes watching Joe Biden right now. Thank God for his leadership
during this crisis.”


Did Biden stop planes from coming into the United States from China? No, he said it was racist.
Did Biden gather politicians and the private sector together to help out with the pandemic? No, he has
not political power to do that. He holds no public office.

Is Biden telling the truth about where the pandemic started? No, he doesn’t want that information
made public. Calling COVID-19 the “Chinese” virus is racist.

Does “leadership” include Biden lying about what our President is actually doing? Guess so. During a
recent debate, Biden told everyone that Trump turned down testing kits from WHO (World Health
Organization) even though none were offered.

Has Sleepy Joe procured any supplies that we need, negotiated any medical help, voted on
legislation to give Americans relief, or done anything meaningful related to the coronavirus outbreak


He DOES have the leadership to get his staff to create Twitter memes that say things like, “this is how
we bring people together and make the kind of sacrifices we need to get this done.”

Wow. That’s inspiring.

So leadership as defined in the Merriam-Webster dictionary lists several things that do not define
anything close to what Joe Biden embodies including the capacity or ability to lead and the act or
instance of leading.

I think leadership as defined by Democrats is talking about stuff – and constantly maligning Trump
whether using information that’s true or not.

Getting back to Alyssa Milano, apparently her main career is being a political activist now. Almost all
of her tweets on her feed are about politics and supporting Joe Biden. And of course, going after

Trump with her potty mouth. I hope the poor thing is able to eke out a living tweeting Trump hate
during these perilous times.

On Wednesday, she tweeted a lovely message to President Trump, “Stop calling it the Chinese Virus
you racist piece of shit.”

She also re-tweeted a call to release all illegals in detention centers because they’re at risk from the
virus; asked for Fox News to be shut down and re-tweeted the lie about Trump calling the coronavirus
a hoax. Looks like she’s on top of the important stuff.

What I didn’t see was a tweet about her helping anyone with supplies or a mortgage payment while
they were out of work. Nope, just nasty politics.

For those of you who can’t get enough of Milano, she even has a podcast now. How exciting. That
must be a entertaining and factual 2 seconds.

Meanwhile, Biden is up to his own tricks of plagiarism in his Biden “Plan to Combat Coronavirus and
Prepare for Future Global Health Threats.” His plan is contains doing stuff that Trump has already
done or is working on like offering free testing to everyone, the development of a vaccine and the full
deployment and operation of necessary supplies, personnel and facilities.

That’s the kind of leadership that almost brings me to tears – tears of horror and fright if Biden gets
elected to run the country.