By Missy Crane | February 22, 2020

This man has had a tapeworm living in his brain for a decade…it’s the stuff of horror movies.

A man living in Texas who is only known by “Geraldo” has been suffering from chronic migraines that would cause him to sweat, vomit, and even pass out.

Well, it turns out he was actually suffering the effects of a worm that had been nesting in his brain for the past 10-years.

Good lord!

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Sky News reported that doctors in Texas believe the tapeworm had been growing slowly ever since the man contracted it from eating undercooked pork in Mexico more than a decade ago.

Apparently, eating raw or undercooked beef or pork is the main cause of these types of tapeworms.

However, the really creepy part in all of this is that most people with tapeworms have no symptoms or only mild symptoms so they walk around with these things “nesting” in their bodies and haven’t a clue.


Geraldo went through a complex surgery to have the tapeworm removed.

You can watch the video below:

Thankfully, Gerardo is expected to make a full recovery.

However, doctors told CBS 21 the tapeworm and its larvae could have killed him. Sadly, that’s what happened to an 18-year-old Indian man last year. He went to the emergency room after suffering seizures, and doctors discovered he had parasites in his brain. He was given anti-seizure medication and steroids, but he died two weeks later.

Please, Geraldo, eat your pork WELL DONE from here on out.


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