By Sophie O’Hara | February 23, 2020

Moses is truly the poster boy for the #WalkAway movement.

He’s a former Democrat who lives in El Paso, TX, and who like a good deal of other Mexican-Americans, is going against the liberal narrative and actually supporting some kind of border between us and Mexico.

More than a third of Latinos agree to some extent with building a border wall with Mexico, as proposed by President Donald Trump, in an attempt to stop undocumented immigrants from entering into the country.

And although a similar proportion considers that these immigrants pose a threat to national security, more than double think that Central Americans should be treated fairly when it comes to processing their asylum claims, according to a survey conducted by Univision News among Hispanics who are eligible to vote.

When asked if they agree with building a barrier between Mexico and the US to control immigration, 63.7% reject the idea completely or partially, but a remarkable 36.3% agree in some way. [Univision]

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That’s a pretty staggering figure, and much higher than what the media likes to portray.

So Moses has moved to support Trump and his border wall, and his reaction after attending his first rally is going absolutely crazy online.

Watch the video:

Moses went on to say that the main reason he and his wife support the wall is due to the high amount of drugs that cross that border

Which really when you think about it makes absolute sense.

Why would anyone be okay with dangerous and addictive drugs flowing freely into their country?

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