By Missy Crane | February 25, 2020

A damning new side-by-side video shows Mayor Pete doing his best imitation of failed former President Barack Hussein Obama.

It’s a doozy, folks. It’s like watching a creepy “carnival act.”

This video adds fuel to the already blazing fire that South Bend’s unpopular mayor is an empty suit who is trying every trick in the political playbook to get himself elected.

They don’t call him #MayorCheat for nothing.

President Trump’s eldest son Don Jr. shared the extraordinary footage, saying: “OMG! Its all an act folks… hes literally acting to try to duplicate Obama for a win… There is nothing real or organic here, in fact its like a scary movie.”

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In the video, you will see Mayor Pete using the exact same words and phrases Obama has used, and in the exact same manner. It’s quite a sight to behold.

It’s like the most blatant form of political plagiarism you’ll ever witness.

You can watch the video below:

The Dems are desperate. They are desperately trying to recreate the “magic of Obama” from 2008 and it just ain’t working.

You can’t fool the masses anymore. Social media has made this game of “political smoke and mirrors” that Dems have depended on in the past much harder to pull off.

Now, instead of a “robotic Obama” leading the pack, they have a dusty old communist as their frontrunner who will literally destroy the American middle-class if he ever gains any real power.


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