By Missy Crane | February 28, 2020

President Trump is a great storyteller.

Nobody can weave a better and more entertaining story than him.

And what’s always fun about the stories is that they’re relatable. You can always imagine yourself in the same situation.

Well, he told a story like that today during his CDC/Coronavirus press conference with VP Mike Pence and CDC Doctor Anne Schuchat.

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President Trump was handing out some advice on how to stay germ-free during the Coronavirus outbreak. As you know, President Trump is a well-known “germaphobe” so he’s always washing his hands.

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He suggested we avoid touching handrails and avoid sneezing people at all costs  – and then he launched into this story about an old friend who he saw last week – someone he hadn’t seen for a while who gave him a “big hug.”

President Trump looks at the guy and says, “How are you? Are you well?” and the guy says, “No, I’m not, I’ve had this awful fever…”

Trump says he heard that and took off running for a bathroom to go wash his hands.

Ha ha ha!

The way he told the story was great. You could see the CDC doctor holding back laughter.

You can watch the video below:

This is what is so likable about President Trump. He might be a billionaire and very powerful, but he doesn’t put on airs. He’s just a regular guy…

A blue-collar billionaire with great stories!


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