By Sophie O’Hara | February 22, 2020

Trump is doing more for the black community than any of the past three presidents combined.

And the proof is in the numbers, folks!

President Trump frequently celebrates the experience of black workers, noting correctly that the group’s unemployment rate is at its lowest on record.

Their wages are also going up — a New York Times analysis of government data found that wage growth for black workers has accelerated recently after lagging for much of the decade-long economic expansion. [The New York Times]
This surge in the black community definitely isn’t going unnoticed and this one supporter released a viral video where he thanks Trump for his hard work and tells the president that he barely sees his family now because they all have jobs!
“And now that Donald Trump is in office, I don’t see my family no more, because they got a job and they’re too busy and I don’t see them anymore—which is a good thing, because now my 401K is going up and my Roth account is going up.”
Watch the video:

It’s amazing what Trump is doing in these communities!

Seriously, what did Obama ever do for them besides give them cheap cell phones and overpriced healthcare?

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