Democrat Presidential candidate and Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard has been making the rounds on Conservative radio shows and TV lately because the liberal media has written her off. That’s understandable. She’s not an octogenarian white candidate espousing communism and the complete destruction of American as we know it. 

She is still a progressive though. She just has a better way of presenting it. She is good looking, has a nice smile and she appears somewhat normal in debates and interviews. She’s even uttered the words “I love our country.” As my husband likes to say, “if she wasn’t a Democrat, I’d vote for her.”

She gets the respect of Republicans because she volunteered for the Army National Guard and served 12 months in Iraq. She still continues to be an active soldier. 

In addition to that, she has done a few sane things during her candidacy. Like Trump, she opposes interventionism. She is suing Hillary Clinton for defamation by casting her as a Russian asset. She supports Trump getting rid of Vindman and Sondland, saying he has the right to make decisions about who is in his Cabinet. She’s calling for the resignation of Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez because of the Iowa caucus fiasco. 

That’s not too offensive. At least to normal people.

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However, when she appeared on Sean Hannity’s TV show recently she showed off the crazy side. When asked about what she would like to work with Trump on she mentioned criminal justice and went into drug legalization. Hannity asked her (six times) if that included legalizing heroin like Pete Buttigieg’s plan, but she wouldn’t answer the question. She continued to give her talking points – but with a nice smile.

I still contend that she’s the only candidate who can beat Trump and I’m still happy that the Democrats haven’t figured that out yet.