By Missy Crane | February 27, 2020

Actor Tim Allen, like the rest of us, is growing painfully tired of Bernie Sanders trying to redefine “socialism” into some pie-in-the-sky utopia.

The bottom line is this – Bernie can change the name on all of his plans and rebrand his whole scheme all he likes, but his plans, no matter what they’re called, will destroy the American middle-class and make Americans workers slaves to illegal aliens and blue-haired gender-neutral communists who want freebies.

So, Bernie and his supporters can call it “Commie Cupcakes” for all I care – it’s what his programs and polices will do to America – not Cuba, not Venezuala, that actually matter.

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Allen was watching the South Carolina debate – Bernie was doing a lot of “word gymnastics” during that train-wreck debate, which by the way, he did not have a good night.

So, feeling sick and tired of Bernie’s

“spin” over socialism, Allen decided to send Bernie the actual definition of the word to help him out.

Allen’s tweet got a whopping 13K retweets and nearly 40K likes.

Hmmm. Wonder if that means Bernie saw it and finally has the “definition” down?


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