New Polls have galvanized Socialist Senator Bernie Sander’s status as the frontrunner to nab the nomination from Democrats to be the party’s Presidential nominee. In fact the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll shows a big jump for Bernie since January. Most of that has come at the expense former Vice President and now former front runner Joe Biden. The problem is most Democrats will readily admit, at least in private, that Bernie has exactly no chance to win in the General Election.


One former advisor to Joe Biden, Moe Vela, went much further and said “a vote for Bernie is a vote for Donald Trump.” That is a stark albeit accurate analysis in my estimation. Voters in Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and other critical swing states will not line up behind an avowed Socialist that honeymooned in the former totalitarian Soviet Union. The problem for Democrats is growing too. I will wager that voters in states carried by Hillary Clinton including New Hampshire, Minnesota and Colorado will also not pull the lever for a guy who cannot say how much his government takeover of healthcare will cost except that it will be in the trillions of dollars.

Here is the even bigger problem for the left and what remains the centrist part of the Democrat Party; they cannot win with Bernie and they cannot win without him. Fully half of Bernie supporters did not support or vote for Hillary Clinton in 2016. If that same group of motivated and energized Bernie Bros refuse to support the eventual nominee assuming it’s not the communist leaning former Mayor of Burlington, Vermont- then the Democrat will surely lose again in 2020.

The listless campaign of Joe Biden is slumping badly and that is the nicest thing I can say in that regard. Mike ‘Bloomer’ Bloomberg has run into a buzz saw of his own doing. It seems one tape after another keeps tumbling out of the closet putting on full display Bloomers total lack of understanding of important election topics like; race, gender or even the Middle Class. Not to mention Bernie’s fanboys and girls will not be lining up to vote for a Lilly-white New York billionaire. No chance.
The Democrats have created a monster and he is going to devour the party.

So, it’s all about the Bernie problem. The Democrats can’t win with him and Democrats cannot win without him. It will take a lot more free college to change that anytime soon.