Uncertainty about the Coronavirus and the sight of billions of locusts sweeping across East Africa might have sounded off an alarm in the olden days. The olden days being defined as before Trump and the 24/7 media, Facebook and Twitter. 

Instead of the possibility of the end of the world capturing headlines every day, we are getting inundated with stories about what’s going on with Roger Stone & Jussie Smollett. We are besieged with the constant bemoaning of the liberal media telling us that Attorney General William Barr is acting like Trump’s personal lawyer, completely ignoring the fact that Obama’s attorney General, Eric Holder, called himself “Obama’s wingman.”

Those stories are important but so is the possibility of apocalyptic events.

Swarms of locusts are something we should pay attention to – both biblically and because of the destruction they can do. Already affected by extreme hunger, the areas where the locusts are destroying crops can ill afford to lose more food resources. According to the UN, more than 10 million people are under threat from what they call “the most devastating plague of locusts in any of our living memories if we don’t reduce the problem faster than we’re doing at the moment.” 

There is a U.N. Senior Locust Forecasting Officer (yes, they have one) doing press conferences and the U.N. humanitarian chief has said, “there is the risk of catastrophe.”

Sounds kind of important. 

Seems like it should be trending on Twitter. 


Then we have the Coronavirus, now called Covid-19, which is a possible disaster that is a little closer to home with 13 cases in the United States. Varying reports are out about incubation periods and the survival life of the virus on environmental surfaces. Things we should know by now. We can’t rely on the LACK of media coverage as proof that this isn’t a serious issue. They are otherwise occupied by anti-Trump stories and celebrities.

I think this is one of those times we have to monitor things ourselves and do our own research. You can keep track of the Coronavirus numbers at this website to keep up with where it is and how many people are infected.

President Trump has banned foreigners from entering the United States if they’ve been to China recently and any Americans returning from China are in quarantine for 14 days. Hopefully that will keep the number of Americans infected at a low number but it’s a situation we need to keep track of.

I am not writing this to be an alarmist but preparation is always good in any situation. Because of the prospect of facing possible plagues and earth-ending viruses, I have decided to stock up on a few things in case I receive any quarantine orders.

So far, my list includes water, dog and cat food, barbecue chips, Spaghetti-Os, Doritos, books, and toilet paper. I’m not panicking. I’m preparing. Kind of like waiting for a winter storm that might keep you inside for a while – but in this case, we should all still have electric, heat or air conditioning, television, internet and flushing toilets.

As Benjamin Franklin said, “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

Don’t get stuck at home without your Doritos.