By Missy Crane | February 23, 2020

Susan Rice has a well-deserved nickname…”Disgraced Liar Susan Rice.”

She earned that moniker thanks to her habit of lying about everything under the sun.

One of her most infamous lies was when she tried to blame the Benghazi attack on a silly “anti-Islamic” Youtube video that nobody had ever watched.

So, when Rice had the audacity to call newly appointed acting Director of Intelligence Richard Grenell “dishonest,” the entire internet came crashing down on her.

Rice made the outlandish comments during what appears to be a book tour that aired on MSNBC.

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Rice called him “dishonest,” as well as other criticisms, and complained he was put in the job to use intelligence tools for political purposes.

“The problem is that Rick Grenell is one of the most massively dishonest people I’ve ever encountered,” Rice said. “I’m not using this language lightly. He is a hack and a shill, and that’s all he’s ever been.”

“And he has been put in that job for one reason only, which is to turn the intelligence community into a tool for the president’s re-election,” she added.

You can watch the video below:

The comments came swift and harsh against the disgraced liar and she deserved and earned every last one of them:

“@AmbassadorRice once again projecting her own guilt on to others. If she even has a conscience, she should never sleep peacefully ever again after she lied about Benghazi and our soldiers. Apply dishonest, hack and shill and wicked to yourself. You project what you are.”

“Says the most dishonest person many of us know.”

“When the upside down world, Susan Rice makes sense. In her world where everything is upside down and done to cover up what was done day before and globalists are ruling class and globalism must become law of land, Susan Rice is correct because this is what she envisions is truth.”

“This is called “DC Swamp” panic mode!”

“This woman is among the most evil and corrupt people on the planet. Only God can stop them, and he’s using Trump to do it. They’ve made a deal with the devil, their church is Planned Parenthood, abortion the alter where they offer human sacrifice. THEY are literally Hitler.”

“#Benghazi was because of a movie was the most dishonest story in the history of the USA! Ambassador Stevens died! He’s gone and she knows the truth! She has no integrity! No character! She is a born liar!!”

“Funny how @AmbassadorRice is going on about ‘massively dishonest people’ when SHE and the administration she worked for were and still are the most disgustingly dishonest people to ever walk the halls of the White House. She needs to sit down, shut up and wait her turn ”

“But it’s all about the video? Jesus Christ how do those women not burst into laughter hearing her say that? ”

“This from the liar who went on five Sunday shows and lied about Benghazi; and who said Bowe Berghdahl, the deserter, served with honor and distinction. Spare me.”

“ROFL says the most dishonest liar @AmbassadorRice
BENGHAZI WAS A VIDEO was just a drop in the bucket!”

Susan Rice could be one of the most clueless people on earth. She lacks any and all self-awareness.

Either that, or she’s a typical liberal elite who doesn’t think she has to play by the same rules as the rest of us. Whatever she says or does gets a pass because she’s elite liberal royalty and we’re just the lowly peasants.

That’s the attitude that helped President Trump win in 2016. Keep it up, you smug jerks.



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