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Steve King: Phil Haney Archived Evidence…And Didn’t Kill Himself

By CD Media Staff | February 23, 2020


Congressman Steve King came out forcefully on social media yesterday declaring murdered whistleblower Philip Haney, who broke news on the Obama Administration whitewashing Jihadist ties, and told friends he was working to prevent Keith Ellison from becoming attorney general of Michigan, had archived information on Obama’s nefarious activities, and definitely didn’t kill himself.

California law enforcement put out a statement that the investigation was ‘active and ongoing’.

Haney was a prior guest on CD Media’s Debbie Aldrich Show [3] and a friend of our network.

It is through selfless actions from patriots like these that have paid the price, from which our great nation will be restored. American’s should become more determined than ever to eradicate this criminal cancer that Obama put among us.

This piece originally appeared on CreativeDestructionMedia.com [6] and is used by permission.