By Wayne Dupree | February 25, 2020

Jussie Smollett was shocked, last year, that anyone would accuse him of creating his racist attack… which, coincidentally, was oddly similar to a script he had read for.

The evidence against Jussie is so overwhelming; it’s laughable that he denies his part in the scam. Hilarious. Throw the book at – send a message to anyone thinking about doing something similar.

If Smollett is as innocent as he claims, he should easily be able to maintain his innocence in view of the evidence against him received from Google of his locations and text messages. If, however, the information proves his guilt, Jussie should receive the full recommended punishment for his sentence due to the damage his ruse could have caused racially.

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The Leftist media goes to great lengths to make clear these are just “allegations” and have not been proven in court, but at the same time, they are the first to convict anyone on the right for whatever they are charged with. He lied, pure and simple. The fact that the people who supposedly beat him had worked for him and were not white shows he lied to the police to get sympathy attention for his career. I can not believe this guy is still saying, “I’m not guilty.”

If the book ever needed to be thrown at someone, this is the situation where it needs to most. Not only did he commit this crime, but he has also accepted absolutely no blame whatsoever. Throw him in prison for a couple of years and let him think about it.

How in God’s name can he say not guilty? They have the video of the two guys and their testimony from them that HE paid them to fake a crime. He comes to the cops with a rope around his neck, crying he was going to get strung up. No one, and I mean no one, would have left a rope around there neck if a real crime occurred. This guy should have to pay back every dime spent on the investigation and do ten years in jail. Its only fair, how much time would the so-called “This is MAGA country” guys got?

Fake hate crimes disrespect real victims of real hate crimes. It is awful. After famous people lie, real victims immediately face reduced credibility. There are lots of people who will never believe such crimes occur after seeing media coverage of this matter and will think they’re all made up.

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I speculate the feds are waiting for state’s investigations and court rulings before they make their move on the fake anthrax mail fraud, which I believe is the more severe and prison time likely outcome.

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